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Sondors Metacycle: Delayed! (update)


The Bicycle Thieves - Matt Stoller

THIS!  The Bicycle Thieves - Matt Stoller There's a bicycle shortage due to, yes, monopoly. And now the monopolists are trying to build a world without independent bike shops. Today there are a billion bikes worldwide, and in some cities, biking is a key part of taking cars off the road, improving traffic and reducing pollution. The industry is also in the midst of a serious merger wave, with major bike producers vertically integrating, particularly in the retail sector. “One thing I frequently see in my news alerts but never tweet about: Trek sure is buying a lot of bike shops,” said Peter Flax, a writer at Bicycling magazine.

Electric Motorcycle Range (1)

From Christian Vogler Engineer for concept design and performance for motorcycles "What is the maximum possible driving range of #electricmotorcycles in legislative drive cycles with a certain battery capacity? Here's the answer! And more importantly, do you agree?" I was going through the different speed profiles to test the electric range of an  #electricmotorcycle  in the EU and the USA. And what I found was quite surprising. The cycles show a nearly identical energy demand! With energy demand I mean the energy which is actually needed to propel the vehicle along the speed profile. I did not consider any drivetrain efficiencies and all braking power is considered to be recuperated. Here's the full list of assumptions: 1 - EU drive cycle is a WMTC (part 1, 2 and 3) which is continuously repeated according to EU Reg No 134/2014 2 - US drive cycle is according to SAE J2982 a continuously repeated city cycle and a constant speed test at 70 mph (113 km/h) 3 - As there

Pedal Sensing and Torque Sensing, which is better and why...

A common usage in the bicycle manufacturing industry is that a cadence sensor determines if you are pedaling and direction (forward or backward) while a torque sensor in addition measures how hard you are pedaling. Both systems require the use of a computer to detect the pedaling and determine the signaling sent to the controller that in turn powers the motor. Often stated, toques sensing is better, is an opinion about the rider’s response to a type of  ride quality . The feel of torque sensing is a combination of responsiveness and subtle increase in power as you increase the force of pedaling. This produces a unique sensation of increased power and thus strength to the rider’s effort. Most common implementation of this on a  retrofit bike  is a bottom bracket loaded with a torque sensing crankset, available in square taper and ISIS as of this writing. Cadence and pedal detection can be done in a number of ways. On the Calfee   Electrofit  the sensing is done with a magnet ring attach