Dawn of a new transportation age (how did this idea from 2017 pan out?)

- Oct. 5, 2017 " A Barclays’ analysis  concluded that oil demand could  be slashed by 3.5 million barrels per day worldwide in 2025. If electric vehicle penetration reaches 33 percent, oil demand could shrink by a whopping 9 million barrels per day by 2040, Barclays concluded.  Bloomberg’s New Energy Finance  puts the number at 8 million barrels by 2040, more than the “current combined production of Iran and Iraq,” they note." From PRN In business for over 100 years, the automotive industry is about to embark on a radical, convulsive transformation. The Washington Post ( ) recently pegged 2017 as the year electric vehicles (EVs) went from a promising fad to an industry-wide inevitability due to broader economic and cultural developments. Cont. Now in 2022 the oil demand is? And the adoption rate for EV cars and trucks is? And the Motorcycles(which would reduce both demand for oil and electricity) IS?The Green or Alternative Revolutions are failing as b

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Sondors Metacycle: Delayed! (update)



"CAKE, the Swedish electric motorbike manufacturer, has successfully delivered the first batch of electric anti-poaching bush bikes to Africa. The quiet and high performance Kalk AP motorbikes were delivered to rangers who are in the process of testing the bikes under the research and development department of the Southern African Wildlife College (SAWC). They are now beginning to use the bikes in their quest to increase the efficiency, to combat poaching." KALK AP  

The Revzilla's Unpopular take down of Navi is a non-sequitur

The problem with the Revzilla/Upopular Opinion article is it buries the lede

The Verge Metacycle

"The TS is not just futuristic looks. Our 20.2 kWh battery pack is made in-house and offers 300 km of carefree riding, depending on riding style.  Using a DC charger via CCS, 15 minutes of charging will get you 100km of range, keeping you on the road for longer. Our onboard charger allows riders to fully charge in 4.5 hours. Our motorcycles are designed to be electric from the ground up. Weighing in at 247 kg, the combination of light weight materials and low centre of gravity make the TS a stable highway cruiser that can take on any country road that you throw at it." -Verge Motorcycle

The Bicycle Thieves - Matt Stoller

THIS!  The Bicycle Thieves - Matt Stoller There's a bicycle shortage due to, yes, monopoly. And now the monopolists are trying to build a world without independent bike shops. Today there are a billion bikes worldwide, and in some cities, biking is a key part of taking cars off the road, improving traffic and reducing pollution. The industry is also in the midst of a serious merger wave, with major bike producers vertically integrating, particularly in the retail sector. “One thing I frequently see in my news alerts but never tweet about: Trek sure is buying a lot of bike shops,” said Peter Flax, a writer at Bicycling magazine.