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The Apple Car Has a History

Apple, who would have thought?

All of Apple's products sold well. But the biggest ticket by far was a record 74.5 million iPhone sales. To put that number into perspective, 74.5 million iPhones is ... ... enough to give an iPhone to every person in France, the United Kingdom, or Italy, and enough to give two to every person in Canada. ... more smartphones than BlackBerry sold over the past three years and 39 times the number of BlackBerries sold in the last quarter. ... just 5 million fewer phones than the Lumia smartphones that Microsoft and Nokia have sold -- ever. ... enough to stretch 317 miles high if laid down flat and stacked one on top of another. The stack of iPhones would soar well above the International Space Station. ( holy shit is that true!!!) ... 34,000 iPhones sold every hour, every day, every week of the past three months. That's nine iPhones every second. ... more than the total number of televisions and tablets sold last quarter.

GTAT leaves a giant crater at Nasdaq.

"Investors were caught by surprise when trading on GT Advanced’s shares was halted at 9:40 a.m. in New York on Oct. 6, 2014 so the company could announce its Chapter 11 filing. When trading resumed at 10:45 a.m., shares plunged to 96 cents, down from $11.06 at the open. GT Advanced ended the day at 80 cents with about $1.4 billion in market value lost."


Glass, progress in computing comes from unforeseen sources.