MV-QSX8000 (DPX) update

MV-QSX8000 (DPX) is a modification of the MV-DPX from Wuxi Sachi Motors


LG Energy Solution, General Motors, Honda and other auto and battery makers have trimmed EV expansion plans in recent weeks, partly due to rising interest rates, which in turn has stoked concerns of a supply glut for the battery metal.

Inverse makes an interesting prediction "The Future of Cars Looks a Lot Like an E-Bike"

Flywheel newsletter takes a very specific, but fascinating, look at the used e-bike market as a way to track trends, notes that cargo bikes represent a small percentage of used e-bikes sold last year. He predicts this will change. Why? Because they are ridden the most, by far, of any e-bike category.

Global energy-related CO2 emissions - 3 Points

  Point 1. Global energy-related CO 2  emissions grew by 0.9% or 321 Mt in 2022, reaching a new high of over 36.8 Gt.  

Ladies and Gentlemen the Sondors Metacycle as per Revzilla Review

Some engineering and design decisions didn't meet expectations at Revzilla. One issue is a 4Kw battery isn't very much power, which will effect range AND speed. My current battery system has 10.5Kw and can do 1.5 c discharge safely so that is close to 15Kw of available power. But hey the Revzilla gang liked the way the brakes work!

Roam - Prince William revealed the finalist for EarthshotPrize!

Message from Roam HQ - Just this morning, Prince William revealed the finalists' list and we're excited to be in the running for the £1,000,000  #EarthshotPrize ! Following a rigorous, 10-month selection process, a panel of scientific, academic, and subject-matter leaders picked us out from more than 1,000 nominations. This recognition goes a long way in helping us incentivize change within Kenya's mobility industry and actualize a future of electric transport. 🏍️🚍⚡ We are proud to be nominated as one of the finalists alongside this fantastic cohort of global climate action innovators who bring ground-breaking solutions to the world’s most significant climate issues. This global acknowledgement of Roam's potential to create a game-changing impact in Africa and the world is truly amazing. We continue to create and scale incredible cutting-edge electric solutions all day, every day! Read more at Roam: