Why Hub Motors?

Good blog entry over at the Grin web site about hub motors on ebike builds that outlines some of the advantages over bottom bracket/mid drive ebikes.

"The Bafang mid-drives have become quite popular since they were first introduced as an aftermarket kit option around 2013. Prior to that, most of the mid-drive systms were designed for OEM bike frames and so not accessible to DIY conversions, or those that were meant for aftermarket installations were usually interesting but mechanically complex. The BBS01 design (which Bafangcloned from Sunstar) was neatly integrated as a self contained bottom bracket replacement without all the external mounting hardware, chains, pulleys etc normally associated with mid-motors.

In any case we've had samples of all the BBSxx motors and many variants from other manufacturers but have never felt that they hit the right note for what the majority of our customers are actually after. Integrated controllers limit your upgrade and repair options....…

Tesla is going to feel some heat

Fisker long thought out of the game has made an announcement that might stir the pot and bring it to a boil.

'This breakthrough marks the beginning of a new era in solid-state materials and manufacturing technologies,' said Dr. Fabio Albano, VP of battery systems at Fisker Inc. 'We are addressing all of the hurdles that solid-state batteries have encountered on the path to commercialization, such as performance in cold temperatures; the use of low cost and scalable manufacturing methods; and the ability to form bulk solid-state electrodes with significant thickness and high active material loadings.
'We are excited to build on this foundation and move the needle in energy storage.'

The technology is still not a reality, the technology is currently slowed by major issues like limited materials availability, price and competition. Bigger names in EV and tech, such as Toyota and Dyson, are also currently working on solid-state batteries for electric vehicles.

The new …

The Electric Wheel


Dawn of a new age

From PRN

In business for over 100 years, the automotive industry is about to embark on a radical, convulsive transformation. The Washington Post ( recently pegged 2017 as the year electric vehicles (EVs) went from a promising fad to an industry-wide inevitability due to broader economic and cultural developments.


The Subsystem Approach 1.0

The Subsystem Approach involves converting a bicycle that uses common bicycle hardware to an electric powered or power assisted vehicle. This approach to developing an eBike has an idea at its core - that common and inexpensive bicycle parts should be used for the underlying vehicle. The parts qualification is that it meet the need for the purpose, is commonly found at a bike store and is affordable for the scale of the project. The goal of the approach is interoperability of all the parts, keeping over-all costs low (which opens the door to experimentation) and a degree of performance in a certain defined range.

2170 Cells

...Tesla has been working on improving its battery technology as well as the supply chain. Tesla, along with Panasonic, has designed a new variety of battery cells called the “2170” which will replace the smaller “18650” cells which have been in use for decades. The new cells provide higher energy densities (meaning that they can store more energy for a given size) and will also be manufactured using an automated process that will help to cut costs. Moreover, these cells will be manufactured at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Nevada, enabling it to cut logistics costs...

Clean Republic has a new 36 volt battery


Can be used with existing Hill Topper kits! They described the chemistry as NCR.
"...Horizon Battery uses a similar type of cell, the NCR (Nickle Cobalt Rechargeable)."
Could be one of the following:

Lithium Nickel Cobalt Aluminum Oxide (LiNiCoAlO2)

Lithium nickel cobalt aluminum oxide battery, or NCA, has been around since 1999 for special applications. It shares similarities with NMC by offering high specific energy, reasonably good specific power and a long life span. Less flattering are safety and cost....

NCR Li-Ion batteries are a new standard in the Lithium ion world. This chemistry of these batteries are LiNiCoAlO2. They are referred to as "NNP" batteries.