Roam - Prince William revealed the finalist for EarthshotPrize!

Message from Roam HQ - Just this morning, Prince William revealed the finalists' list and we're excited to be in the running for the £1,000,000  #EarthshotPrize ! Following a rigorous, 10-month selection process, a panel of scientific, academic, and subject-matter leaders picked us out from more than 1,000 nominations. This recognition goes a long way in helping us incentivize change within Kenya's mobility industry and actualize a future of electric transport. 🏍️🚍⚡ We are proud to be nominated as one of the finalists alongside this fantastic cohort of global climate action innovators who bring ground-breaking solutions to the world’s most significant climate issues. This global acknowledgement of Roam's potential to create a game-changing impact in Africa and the world is truly amazing. We continue to create and scale incredible cutting-edge electric solutions all day, every day! Read more at Roam:

Dawn of a new transportation age (how did this idea from 2017 pan out?) an update

Road emissions are back up close to pre-pandemic level at 5.86 GtCO2 (6.02 in 2019)

Sandors Metacycle: Video

SONDORS Metacycle | Basic Operation

Sondors Metacycle is shipping to customers

 This will probably help Zero as well.


 Roam for Africa

Sondors Metacycle update: Shipping date announced!


Emerging Motorcycle Powertrain Technologies

The motorcycling industry is gearing up for the future  Syd Mead  promised decades ago: futuristic EV motorcycles and those made using sustainable practices and fuels.