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Friday, December 23, 2016

What I see is a diversity of ebike projects

I found a newish thread on Endless Sphere recently. Its about a chineese ebike company called and a guy, Andy Kirby, who has one which he is modifying. I like what he's doing because he is really picking over the power system. And he makes good videos, kinda like Casey Neistat.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Top reasons to start riding an electric bike

For physical exercise

To reduce car use for short trips

Help take yourself up hill so you can ride down

Explore your neighborhood

Cut down on commute costs

Easy parking

Beat the traffic

Monday, June 20, 2016

My First Electric Vehicle (is an electric bike)

For sometime now I've wanted to get into electric biking. I know a lot of cyclists who don't care about electric bike technology as its seen as expensive, unnecessary, trendy and about product bikes and not cycling. I tend to agree with the assessment but find my self intrigued nontheless. This is because I've followed a few other technology fields and have watch as they've blown up in various ways over the years.

Video editing was one such tech as it became possible to digitally edit a movie on a personal computer. The advances in computer and video dramatically changed the way people look at and understand movie images. Ive spent time contemplating glass, gaming, video drones, solar battery charging, etc. what's happening in biking in no less dramatic than those others.

Bikes are becoming computerized or gadgetized. The market in ebikes has exploded as big players in other fields have jumped in to produce products, very expensive products. That's where my fascination comes in. I like accessibility in emerging technology which has a penchant for a fascistic fringe when in its infancy. So the electric bike as a tool for an electric revolution makes a lot of sense to me. An electric revolution does make sense, an idea that brings me to clean republic, an interesting company, and a way for light weight, fast electric locomotion.