MV-QSX8000 (DPX)

MV-QSX8000 (DPX) is a modification of the MV-DPX from Wuxi Sachi Motors

(a modification of the MV-DPX from Wuxi Sachi Motors)

ASI BAC8000 | Motor Controller

4000w QS Motor (273v3)

72volt 39Ah @ 5300watt/hour output x2 for 10.6 Kw, (1.25c discharge .5 charge) |

Paolo Tarozzi | Fork Brace

J1772 | SB2500 Onboard Charger 

50 Mile range at 45mph. Top speed 72mph.

What type of work are you doing? Thermal studies on hub motors, batteries and controllers

Did you really think it was going to be faster than that? No, it's 4000w rated motor.

Why did you change the motor from the YMOTO to the QS273-4000w? The design plan always included the QS motor as a future upgrade. The QS can handle higher temperatures and higher voltage than the YMMOTO hub (3000w). And yes the YMMOTO had great characteristics but eventually running it at high power caused a failure due to excessive heat.

Why the high end controller? Because the motor runs really smoothly, starts are great, very good throttle response, it means better efficiency overall. The BAC8000 provides better over all performance at lower temperatures. Also it is very quiet. 

Why J1772? Allows for charging almost everywhere I go and that means no real range restriction, just time constraints.

What charger is used to enable the J1772 standard? SB 2500


Finally what is the Tarozzi fork brace for? That's old school for a better front end.

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