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Dawn of a new transportation age (how did this idea from 2017 pan out?) an update

Aug 1 2022, 4.6% adoption rate for EVs in the US, Axio.

Dawn of a new transportation age (how did this idea from 2017 pan out?)

- Oct. 5, 2017 " A Barclays’ analysis  concluded that oil demand could  be slashed by 3.5 million barrels per day worldwide in 2025. If electric vehicle penetration reaches 33 percent, oil demand could shrink by a whopping 9 million barrels per day by 2040, Barclays concluded.  Bloomberg’s New Energy Finance  puts the number at 8 million barrels by 2040, more than the “current combined production of Iran and Iraq,” they note." From PRN In business for over 100 years, the automotive industry is about to embark on a radical, convulsive transformation. The Washington Post ( ) recently pegged 2017 as the year electric vehicles (EVs) went from a promising fad to an industry-wide inevitability due to broader economic and cultural developments. Cont. Now in 2022 the oil demand is? And the adoption rate for EV cars and trucks is? And the Motorcycles(which would reduce both demand for oil and electricity) IS?The Green or Alternative Revolutions are failing as b

Grin Technology has a new 52 volt battery based on the new 21700 cell standard

Grin Technology has a 52 volt battery based on the 21700 cell standard. 52V (14s) 14.5 Ah downtube battery, with 40 Panasonic 21700A cells and a 40A continuous BMS, assembled in new 21700 downtube enclosure with On/Off switch and 3-pin ST charge plug. This battery can be charged up to 8A. Features include: Anderson Powerpole Connectors for Power Push Button for 4 LED Charge Indicator Installs to Waterbottle Eyelets on Downtube Mechanically Locking Key Switch ON/OFF Rocker Switch Mini ST 3-Pin Charging Port for High Charge Currents Comments on use: Using a 52 volt battery and using a 85% charge protocol has some notable advantages over using a 48 volt battery and charging it to 100%. The voltage for the 52 volt battery at 85% is 56.5volts. vs the 48 volt at 54.5 at 100% charge. As these battery discharge the voltage available drops. For a 48 volt battery that means hitting volta

2170 Cells

...Tesla has been working on improving its battery technology as well as the supply chain. Tesla, along with Panasonic, has designed a new variety of battery cells called the “2170” which will replace the smaller “18650” cells which have been in use for decades. The new cells provide higher energy densities (meaning that they can store more energy for a given size) and will also be manufactured using an automated process that will help to cut costs. Moreover, these cells will be manufactured at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Nevada, enabling it to cut logistics costs...