Grin Technology has a new 52 volt battery based on the new 21700 cell standard

Grin Technology has a 52 volt battery based on the 21700 cell standard.

52V (14s) 14.5 Ah downtube battery, with 40 Panasonic 21700A cells and a 40A continuous BMS, assembled in new 21700 downtube enclosure with On/Off switch and 3-pin ST charge plug. This battery can be charged up to 8A.
Features include:
  • Anderson Powerpole Connectors for Power
  • Push Button for 4 LED Charge Indicator
  • Installs to Waterbottle Eyelets on Downtube
  • Mechanically Locking Key Switch
  • ON/OFF Rocker Switch
  • Mini ST 3-Pin Charging Port for High Charge Currents
Comments on use:

Using a 52 volt battery and using a 85% charge protocol has some notable advantages over using a 48 volt battery and charging it to 100%. The voltage for the 52 volt battery at 85% is 56.5volts. vs the 48 volt at 54.5 at 100% charge. As these battery discharge the voltage available drops. For a 48 volt battery that means hitting voltage sag which result is ~ 52 to 50 volts, once under 50 volts the performance drop is noticeable, especially so for climbing, while the 52 volt batter starts at a higher voltage and drops but doesn't hit the 50 volt threshold as soon. 

Example; if your current ride leaves you at 49 volts at the end with a 48 volt battery, the 52 volt system will be more like 52volts at the end of the similar ride distance. This means higher performance over the course of the ride. Additionally charging to 85% mean less wear on the battery cells over all so instead of 500 cycles until the battery is essentially used up you get more like 1000 cycles which is a significant difference when it comes to the life of the battery. 

Another feature of this battery is the 40 amp continuous discharge rating which also can be a significant performance increase over 48 volt batteries which many have only a 25 to 30 amp discharge rating. This again mean less wear on the battery if you system is only pulling 20 to 25 amps max. In short you get longevity and performance boosts by using this techniques.

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