Dual Hub Motors

Dual Hub Motors

From Grin Tech (ebikes.ca)

Dual front/rear hub motors on a bike is an excellent way to achieve higher power levels than a single hub motor can produce, and is especially useful in cargo bike or load hauling applications. When you run two brushless motor systems on the bike, each motor requires it's own motor controller (there is no way around this) but the throttle signal would typically be split to run both motors equally. For controllers running with our new WP8 Cycle Analyst plug, we have a very convenient dual controller splitter cable.  For older controllers with the 6-pin CA plug, or generic controllers with no CA plug, you can run two motors with a V3 CA3-DPS device using the dual motor CA shunt, while for those without a CA we have a simpler dual controller throttle splitter cable for the same purpose.

Most often you would use matching motors for the front and rear, ex dual eZee motors, dual Crystalyte, dual 9C, and the power would always be split 50:50 between the two motors. However, there are cases where running different motors makes sense too. A popular one would be a rear eZee motor and a front direct drive like the Grin All Axle. The eZee motor would do much of the grunt of the work on steep hill climbs and the likes, while the direct drive motor provides regenerative braking and runs at good efficiency when riding on the flats. 


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