The Revzilla's Unpopular take down of Navi is a non-sequitur

The problem with the Revzilla/Upopular Opinion article is it buries the lede

The Honda Navi is irrelevant

The problem with this article is it buries the lede. The Unpopular/popular dude seems correct, the bike is terrible, but its being compared here to the US market which really requires some level of highway ability to be relevant. This bike is really in a form factor used all over the world in tight urban environs. It's a form currently being marketed in china and is a threat to the major three producers in parts of the world.

The cogent criticism isn't why but why not? Why NOT make this an electric motorcycle? Honda could have easily matched these stats (except for range) with an electric cycle.  This is whats taking place in China where the IC bikes have become very modularized and have an E version of most of the street builds which offer a choice competing head to head on the roads. As is evident from the stats these are somewhere in-between a scooter and a small street bike. There are many electric motorcycles which have similarities in statistics and cost. 

These new breeds of metacycles offer users a choice of low emission IC or fully electric for ones approach to transportation.  Seem like there is an emerging market for this! Let us all in the IC world ignored it. The Unpopular/popular dude is right though. In America we don't use motorcycles as a primary for commutes due to the freeways. But we should and he could have noted that many electric cycles are a match in most of the stats except range.  This is the real reason of why Honda is introducing such an off market bike, to position itself for the future. So to answer the question of why didn't they make this an electric, Honda didn't want to, not yet anyway.


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