Ladies and Gentlemen the Sondors Metacycle as per Revzilla Review

Some engineering and design decisions didn't meet expectations at Revzilla. One issue is a 4Kw battery isn't very much power, which will effect range AND speed. My current battery system has 10.5Kw and can do 1.5 c discharge safely so that is close to 15Kw of available power. But hey the Revzilla gang liked the way the brakes work!

"That’s not to say vanity is a reason to get a MetaCycle, only to point out that it is, on some scale, creating curiosity that other machines are not. Truth be told, everyone on the RevZilla team who tried the MetaCycle was excited that it exists. For the sake of motorcycling it’s not only a good idea, it’s also a fairly obvious idea and one that neither BMW, nor Honda, nor any other major motorcycle manufacturer has been able to execute. Is that because the financial viability of the idea is faulty? I don’t know."


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