Inverse makes an interesting prediction "The Future of Cars Looks a Lot Like an E-Bike"

Flywheel newsletter takes a very specific, but fascinating, look at the used e-bike market as a way to track trends, notes that cargo bikes represent a small percentage of used e-bikes sold last year. He predicts this will change. Why? Because they are ridden the most, by far, of any e-bike category.

An expensive e-mountain bike might be fun for a spin on local trails, but it’s not going to suffice for the school run. “When we hope to bring new people to micromobility that weren’t already avid bicyclists,” he notes, “catering to use-cases like hauling heavier loads or transporting multiple riders is critical.” 

Micromobility products, like e-bikes, are comparable to the early days of the car industry, when thousands of different players jousted in the newly created market.

From the article: "The Future of Cars Looks a Lot Like an E-Bike"


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